Dawn by Octavia Butler

Lilith Iyapo wakes up in a spaceship orbiting Earth to find out that humans have destroyed the world and made it unlivable and an alien species, the Oankali, have saved the few humans who survived the war. Lilith is charged with waking her fellow humans to establish a new Oankali-Human society on Earth.

Octavia Butler, Dawn (Xenogenesis, Bk. 1). Warner Books, 1987.

Teaching Resources

  • Yusoff, Kathryn, A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None. University Minnesota Press, 2018. This text is available to read online in Manifold, so it is easily accessible to students. Yusoff’s interdisciplinary approach draws from climate change, colonialism, and slavery to bring Black feminist theory and geology into conversation to contextualize the politics of the Anthropocene in terms of race, materialism, and deep time.

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